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SudokuGeek is a game board in 3D space. All are unique single solution sudoku puzzles. Instead of a flat and boring version of Sudoku, it is more exciting to play. Using 3D models, and multiple themes leads to re-playability. Start out with the colored cubes, and work your way up to the Planets!


Great News: SudokuGeek is now available in the App Store for use on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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I'm just an Indie Developer, help me out by sharing this website! TIA - eSpecialized


I built the SudokuGeek Game because other versions lack in areas I believe were important;


1. Our SudokuGeek limits mistakes you can make, you cannot play all the way to the end with an invalid Sudoku. However, it would not be a game if you could not make some mistakes. SudokuGeek detects non solution-able cells. So if your move creates this circumstance, it will throw "Invalid Solution". Most other Sudoku computer games allow you to make invalid moves all the way to the end. Those games do not help you to play Sudoku.

2. Our SudokuGeek will not allow you to place Notes where they cannot go. What may appear as an error, is actually the game limiting yet another mistake. So if you find a Note cannot be placed, if you look, it is probably blocked by that same number in a row, column, or minigrid.

3. Other Sudoku Games have Sudoku's with multiple solutions, man made solutions, and are very difficult to solve even on the easiest of settings. They have to be since they have limited puzzles, and limited lasting playability.

4. Our SudokuGeek video game builds grids like a human being would, only 100 times faster. Plus all the logic to go with it means no mistakes.

Our Sudoku game starts out with color rounded cubes. Making it very easy to play. Playable cells can use an alternate color

Want to have a more difficult time solving? Change to all single colored Wooden cubes.



  • 10 thousand tracked games available for each difficulty, Easy, Medium, Hard.
  • Unlimited games available beyond all tracked games. Approx 4 billion grids available. (PC and XBOX360 only)
  • Multiple graphic formats to play with, and models.
  • Ability to make Notes (options) Ease of play with the mouse or keyboard (PC), touch screen for iDevices, or Joystick on XBOX360
  • Built in Check limits the errors you can make, yet you can still play it as a game. This limits your frustration of playing for 15 minutes and having to restart.

Everyone who I have shown SudokuGeek loves the look, feel and ease of playability.

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Deb Oregon: FIVE Stars! Love, love, LOVE this SudokuGeek! I have bought many versions previously and could never play them. SidokuGeek is the first one I have ever been able to play SUCCESSFULLY! ...AND I have gotten better as it has been teaching me tips and strategies. Can't put it down! Best "brain-aerobics" ever and fun!!

0 May 27, 2010
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